Using this suspension check as a basis, our team of consultants will help you find the right Touratech suspension for your bike to meet your individual requirements. The following questions serve as a basis for the optimum selection of the right suspension components.

These include:

  • Your personal weight (with motorbike clothing)
  • The predominant area of use of your motorbike
  • Information on the loading of your motorbike
  • Information about your driving style

Motorbike-related data:

Personal data:

Weight in kg

(with protective clothing & helmet)

Weight in kg

(with protective clothing & helmet)

Motorbike loading:

Weight in kg or 0

Weight in kg or 0

How and where is your motorbike primarily used?

Long trips with high proportion off-road riding and tracks, with full luggage

Long trips with high proportion off-road riding and tracks, with full luggage

Enduro trails, difficult terrain, only journey to the trail on asphalt, at the most

The motorbike will not be ridden in road traffic. A specially adjusted suspension setup will be required

Do you have special requirements that have not been mentioned, or does your motorbike have special modifications, e.g. a special fork, reverse lever, etc.?

Do you notice weaknesses in your current suspension?

Do the symptoms match the following descriptions?

due to luggage and/or pillion passenger

(sporty driving style) the rear of the bike carries on bouncing

(on tour) the bike has difficulties settling down on bad roads?

The bike does not settle down or only if speed is reduced.

Other symptoms that have not been described in the above questions which are, however, particularly important to you.

I therefore feel uncertain when riding with luggage

Please describe your requirements, ideas or the planned use of your motorbike (in brief if possible)

Contact details:

I agree to Touratech GmbH using my data to evaluate the suspension check and to process a resulting product recommendation.

This consent may be revoked at any time and without providing reasons with effect for the future. Our privacy policy applies.

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