Set of LED auxiliary headlights fog/fog for BMW R1250GS Adventure/ R1200GS Adventure from 2014, black

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Enjoy all the benefits of modern LED technology on your motorbike!
Kill several birds with one stone with the Touratech LED auxiliary headlights:
Greater active safety:
- better illumination of the field of vision with a much clearer light/dark boundary
- lowest possible scatter of the light beam in height with fan-shaped illumination in the width
- improved contrasts thanks to the white, daylight-like LED light
Greater passive safety:
- low power consumption, i.e. the auxiliary headlights can even be used permanently with weak alternators or lots of users
- no need for replacement lights thanks to the extremely long-lasting, maintenance-free LED elements

All this combined with a Touratech attachment that is specially tailored to the BMW GS!

What's included:

- assembly instructions- cable assembly
- vehicle-specific attachment for headlights and control units
- 2 LED "Fog" auxiliary headlights with control units

ECE and SAE-approved, so no need to change your records!

More light and innovative technology means more safety, while the bike looks better thanks to the "Adventure design" - and everything is in the customary Touratech quality. All you have to do is ride!

the headlights are very light. And thanks to the special aluminium housing and the lens made of reinforced laminate, they are also highly stable! They have a very low construction depth of just 55mm, which makes them much easier to attach without harming the design.
The LED technology offers additional benefits:

The excellent light output is made possible by the latest lighting technology and high-performance LEDS with a higher level of efficiency. Power consumption just 13 watts per headlight! (Halogen: ~55 watts )
We use innovative LED headlights of 70mm diameter for our auxiliary headlights.

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