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How is it possible to improve a touring suit that is already virtually perfect? By raising the own bar higher, keeping what has be tried and tested, completing it with practical features and improving the details!

The development of the Touratech Compañero World2 were based on hundreds of thousands of adventure miles covered all around the world and on a competent partner like Stadler, with which we could create the best touring suit on the market without making compromises. The result: highest safety standards, an perfect carrying comfort and clever features.

The Touratech Compañero World2 is the best choice for curious bike travellers wanting to discover the whole diversity of their homeland and of the world. With the Compañero World2, they get the touring suit to face this challenge as it always offers maximum comfort and highest safety in the desert clima as well as in the subarctic continuous rain.

The concept
The renowned clothing manufacturer's vast wealth of experience was just what we needed to implement our ideas. The requirements for the Compañero World2 were jointly defined. It was vitally important that the suit allowed maximum ventilation for physical exertion at high temperatures. On the other hand, it needed to be completely wind and waterproof in adverse conditions. The rider's passive safety was high up on the list too, of course. Features such as variable widths for the perfect fit, adjustable cuffs and zips etc. could be taken for granted in a joint development like this by two expert partners such as Touratech and Stadler. If you wanted to sum up the basic concept of the Touratech suit in a nutshell, it would be "3 in 1".
In other words, with the Touratech Compañero World2 you get three suits in one.

Our Compañero World2 complies with French laws requiring motorcycle clothing to have reflective surfaces of at least 150 cm².

The zips have the same length as the ones used on the Compañero Worldwide and Boreal, so that the rider may combine freely the jacket and the trousers with those of these models.

With their level 2, the protectors are state-of-the-art. They fulfil the currently most exigent safety standard and offer maximal safety on all endangered zones! Of course, they can be freely positioned, as no one wears a protector if it feels uncomfortable.

Compañero summer

The centrepiece of the Touratech Compañero World2 is an airy summer suit. CORDURA® Air is used on the front and back of the jacket and the legs of the trousers to ensure air flow over a wide area. This comfortable synthetic fibre is state-of-the-art in terms of its tear- and wear-resistance properties. But still the most vulnerable areas are reinforced with a layer of CORDURA® 2000 - the "2000" indicates a particularly tough yarn thickness. Fully equipped with approved protectors, the Touratech Compañero World2 sets the standard. The large reflective panels are a passive safety feature, ensuring good visibility. If required, the jacket and trousers zip together into an all-in-one. Along with these hard facts, the Touratech Compañero World2 also includes countless details that make it a comfortable and practical companion on long and short tours alike. There are two large outer pockets on the front to hold all the things you need to access quickly on the road. There's space for your smartphone on the forearm. Valuables can be safely tucked away in the spacious inner pockets.

A removable rucksack offers enough space for the laminate suit or for a drinking system. A drinking hose holder can be fastened to the special buttonhole.
Thanks to the large velcro fastener, the fit of the jacket can be changed easily.
The diagonal openings of the cargo pockets on the trousers allow reaching easily in the pocket even when sitting.

Compañero All Weather add

The second layer of the Touratech Compañero World2 can be used in colder weather or in the rain: the laminate suit. Perfectly tailored to match the cut of the summer suit, you simply pull it on over the top. It's a smart move to empty out your pockets first and place your essential items in the pockets of this overgarment. They are spacious, easily accessible and - of course - waterproof! Touratech has chosen the GORE-TEX® three-layer laminate (CORDURA®). In this textile composite material, the inner lining, the top-quality GORE-TEX® breathable membrane and the tough outer layer are bonded into one fabric. This means the laminate is not too bulky, doesn't bulge, and always fits nice and snugly. Of course the most important properties of the oversuit are that it is wind and waterproof. And since GORE-TEX® three-layer laminate (CORDURA®) is an active material, the suit is fully breathable. What's clever with the Touratech Compañero World2 is that the windproof, waterproof membrane forms the outer layer of the clothing system. The airy summer suit keeps an air cushion inside that acts as a thermal lining. An additional insulating layer such as fleece underwear is only needed in extremely cold weather. In wintry conditions the optional storm collar will also be greatly appreciated. If you wear the laminate suit in uncertain weather conditions in spring or autumn, securely closable ventilation zips provide cooling if required.
Thanks to modern high-tech materials, the rain coat is 10% lighter and is smaller than its predecessor when packed.
2 Aquaseal zips on the front side and a long zip on the back guarantee an ideal ventilation and thus a great wearing comfort.
Extra long zips at the exterior side of the trousers make it easier to put them on or to take them off even when wearing boots. The 2-ways zip is also useful to reach through to the pockets of the summer trousers.
The additional membrane protection on the outside and the inside of the leg end of the trousers protects its high-quality materials against ugly chafing marks due to the frame of the bike and the buckles of the boots.

The leisure jacket

And where is the third suit? Right here - the jacket of the membrane suit is not only functional, it's also very chic. As an active jacket, it is easily a match for outdoor clothing brands and is a practical, waterproof and breathable companion for an evening stroll around town or for any excursions where you have to leave your bike behind. On these occasions, you can attach an optional detachable storm collar or hood.

The rucksack

Where put the All Weather add? In the rucksack!
The rucksack that has been exclusively developed for the Compañero World2 is big enough to stow the All Weather jacket and trousers in it. Alternatively, it can also offer space for a drinking pouch or other useful things.
The rucksack can be attached directly, permanently and flutter-free with the jacket thanks to a zip. If it should be too heavy, it can also be carried like any normal rucksack with the straps. Another possibility is to fasten it to our ZEGA aluminium cases thanks to its compression straps. But of course, it can also be used like any normal leisure rucksack. Altogether: it is a real all-rounder!

The features in detail:

Compañero summer

Material: CORDURA® 500, CORDURA® Air, CORDURA® 2000, mesh lining
Dynatec® reflex material in the shoulder area
Interior side in synthetic leather in the knee area
CORDURA® 2000 doubling at the shoulder, elbow and leg hem
Antibacterial mesh with spacer fabric at the back protector
Pockets: 2 outer pockets, 1 inner pocket, 1 mobile phone pocket on forearm, 1 pocket for sunglasses on upper arm, 1 removable rucksack with enough storage room for the outside membrane suit

Upper: CORDURA® 100% polyamide
dynatec 100% polyamide
Lining: 100% polyamide

Protective padding:
The Compañero World2 is completely equipped with high-tech protectors, all fulfilling the level 2 (highest protection class) requirements of the newest standard.
shoulders (EN 1621-1:2012 / S, Level 2)
elbows (EN 1621-1:2012 / E, Level 2)
back (EN 1621-2: 20 14 / B, Level 2)
hips (EN 1621-1:2012 / H, Level 2)
knees (EN 1621-1:2012 / K, Level 2)

Special features:
- Maximum air ventilation at the front and back with CORDURA® Air
- Joins to the waterproof, windproof and breathable all weather outer jacket via zips at the front
- Cargo pockets at the thighs
- Continuously adjustable waist and chest
- Belt loops, stretch strips and velcro fastener at the waistband
- Removable rucksack (can be also used without the jacket thanks to an integrated carrier system). It offers enough storage room for the outside membrane suit.
- Additional layer of CORDURA® 2000 at shoulders and elbows
- Arm width adjuster (can be operated with one hand)
- Adjustable cuffs
- Soft collar lining
- Optional crotch strap
- Distance control (We have created a special padding to protect the membrane and reduce the appearance of a wet feeling. This provides good breathability even increasing the damping.)
- Tank protection
- Long zip to join suit together as an all-in-one

Compañero All Weather add

Material: GORE-TEX® three-layer laminate (CORDURA®)
YKK AquaSeal® zips
Mesh lining (antibacterial)
2 waterproof outer pockets,
1 waterproof vertical zip pocket,
1 waterproof inner pocket

Upper: CORDURA® 100% polyamide
Lining: 100% polyamide
Membrane: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)

Special features
- Ventilation through 2 AquaSeal® zips at the front side and 1 zip at the back
- Large reflectors according to EN20471
- Long zip to join suit together as an all-in-one
- Tank protection
- Arm width adjuster
- Adjustable cuffs
- Soft collar lining

Colour: black

Available in :
normal: 46 to 64
short: 25 to 31
long: 102 to 118

Available in :
normal: 36 to 44
short: 20 to 24 (yellow only)
long: 76 to 84 (yellow only)

Optional accessories:
- Storm collar
- Hood
- Crotch strap
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