VIDEO DVD The Achievable Dream Part four - Ladies on the Loose

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The Achievable Dream - The Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide

Are you a traveller on two wheels? Have you been inspired by the stories you've read on Horizons Unlimited? Or perhaps you watched the 'Long Way' series and it's got you thinking of a motorcycle trip to distant climes the markets of Marrakech, the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan, the salt flats of Bolivia, the Bungle Bungles of Australia, the Pan American to Tierra del Fuego?

Did you finally fork out for that dream bike built for high adventure, and you know every highway and byway within range of an annual vacation? Is something indefinable calling you farther afield… to the next country… the next continent?

But you've got questions:

* Is it safe?
* What do I need to know?
* Where and when should I go?
* And what the hell's a carnet anyway?

Answering these questions - and many more - is the goal of the new definitive 'how-to' DVD series, "The Achievable Dream - The Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide". This series is produced by Grant and Susan Johnson, RTW travellers and founders of Horizons Unlimited, who have been helping people to achieve their dreams of traveling to faraway places on their bikes for over 10 years.

We also asked the many veteran travellers who attend Horizons Unlimited meetings to tell us their stories, give us their opinions, and share their hard-earned knowledge from their amazing motorcycle trips to every country on earth. And they have lots of opinions, sometimes contradictory, so you'll get lots of great ideas.

Filmed in broadcast quality wide screen, incorporating multiple cameras and with custom written vocals and music.

DVD 1 - Get Ready!
DVD 2 - Gear Up! (comming soon)
DVD 3 - On the Road (comming soon)

DVD 4 - Ladies on the Loose
Motorcycle Travel for Women is directed and presented by Lois Pryce, veteran solo traveller through South America and Africa and author of "Lois on the Loose" and 'Red Tape and White Knuckles'. Lois promises us action, entertainment and hot tips, as well as coverage of 'women only' topics. The DVD features eloquent and engaging well-travelled women motorcyclists such as Elspeth Beard and Tiffany Coates, who will offer tales, advice and inspiration from the road. This DVD is meant as an addition to the first three DVD's and covers topics of particular interest to women travellers.

Be warned, viewing this series may be a life-changing experience.

PAL DVD (not region locked)
Run time: 2 hours 26 minutes
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