“High-end” tank bag for Triumph Tiger 800/ 800XC/ 800XCx

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Made from Teflon-coated Cordura (water-repellent and dirt-resistant), this newly developed tank bag perfectly fits the shape of the tank and optimally matches the design of the Tiger 800. Waterproof zips on the top cover and both side pockets give you speedy access to all the small items you need. An all-round zip lets you increase the bag’s volume from 12 litres to about 20 litres. The specially adapted fastening system with two clip-buckles at the front and a Velcro attachment at the back ensures you can quickly take the bag off your bike. For heavy loads or off-road riding, you can also use the supplied straps to secure the bag via its sides.

A map pocket (26 x 28 cm) is included and securely attaches to the tank bag with Velcro. Or you can replace this with an optionally available larger map pocket, size 28 x 32 cm (order no. 055-0073). Shoulder straps are included so you can wear the tank bag as a comfortable rucksack. A sturdy plastic handle makes the tank bag easy to carry, while an elastic strap on the back of the bag is handy for holding your gloves during a short stop, for example. Other details include a document compartment inside the top cover with holders for pens or other small objects, and a credit card pouch secured with Velcro. For extra safety, reflective panels are integrated into the sides and a reflective strip is incorporated into the elastic strap at the back. The tank bag is specially shaped to allow you to ride standing up as well, without getting in your way.

Please note: Use paint protection film if necessary! (Item number 01-101-0100-0)

Size (L x W x H): approx. 30 x 30 x 16/25 cm
Capacity: approx. 12/20 litres

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