Comfort seat rider HEAT CONTROL, for KTM 1050 Adv / 1090 Adv / 1190 Adv / 1290 Super Adv, adjustable, high

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Are you looking for a heated seat that works reliably, can be mounted on your motorbike with little effort and is easy to use? With the innovative HEAT CONTROL seats from Touratech for riders and pillion passengers, you have a seat heater which offers just that, and accompanies you to the coldest regions where motorbiking is still possible.

Thanks to its two heat settings, the comfort seat HEAT CONTROL offers fantastic comfort on long journeys - even if it gets really cold. And, naturally, it‘s waterproof and UV-resistant. The seats are, of course, just as comfortable as our other padded comfort seats.

Also suitable for KTM Super Adventure S, R, T (from 2017)

We opted for fully integrated electronic system. Just press the built-in button on the side of the seat to change the heat level. Instead of a message in the cockpit you receive vibration feedback directly from the seat. No need to take your eyes off the road unnecessarily - a major increase in safety! The heated seat remains independent of the on-board electronics, which facilitates mounting and eliminates unnecessary error messages in the vehicle system. Despite minimal power consumption, you receive maximum heating power!

Thanks to the integrated reverse polarity protection, installation is very easy and the overheat protection switches the heater off before motorbike or rider suffer any damage. The overload protection protects the heater from power spikes.

The high quality, multi-layer seat cover is equipped with a durable Fresh Touch surface coating. It reduces the surface temperature by significantly reflecting infrared light radiation and providing a cooler feeling when mounting a motorcycle parked in the sun. An additional, exclusive gain in comfort for the hot days!

The pillion passenger seat has another important benefit as it helps prevent your pillion passengers from sliding forwards when braking. This means even more riding comfort for them.With these seat modules you will no longer have to be afraid of very long-distance journeys when riding on your own or with somebody else.

You can order both the pillion passenger seat and the driver seat separately. Both seats can also be easily fitted together with the series models. With the optionally available connection cable (01-030-0169-0) you can connect a pillion seat HEAT CONTROL without a rider comfort seat HEAT CONTROL.

Main features at a glance:
Height KTM 1050 Adv: 54/56,5 cm
(For instructions on how to measure the seat height, see “Additional information”.)

- Tested long-distance comfort
- Fully integrated electronics with vibration feedback
- Independent of the on-board electronics
- Maximum heating capacity with minimum power consumption
- Simple to mount and easy to operate
- Waterproof and UV-resistant
- Reverse polarity/overheating protection
- Overload protection

Further information:
- Up to 10 °C difference with the original seat fabric thanks to the surface coating "Fresh Touch".
- Anatomically shaped based on extensive test riding in Germany
- Our proprietary high-strength foam provides superior cushioning to prevent pressure sores
- Even weight distribution plus optimised contact with the bike equals perfect control
- Bi-elastic, sweat-resistant "sand effect" covering material with sealed seams
- Hollowed recess in the middle of the seat relieves coccyx pressure
- Specially contoured pillion seat prevents slippage when braking and accelerating
- Available in different heights
- Seams are optimally positioned to avoid creating pressure points on the seat
- Standard seat height adjustment is retained
- Top quality materials manufactured to the highest standards
- Seats are modular, i.e. they fit together with the original rider or pillion seat
- Made in Germany
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